Le Trou Au Mur

It has also taken us a long time to try Le Trou Au Mur. Owned by fellow Brits there is an emphasis on service and experience. When we visited the staff were totally charming and managed to expertly balance attention with relaxed.

The menu is very varied with some regular Moroccan dishes and some more unusual dishes for Marrakech, including Fish and Chips: a really hard dish to find in Marrakech.

The restaurant is licensed so it is possible to enjoy a glass or two with your meal. There is a Martini menu but we discovered that this is the limit of the cocktails as the staff could not mix a Margarita.

There is excellent service, good food, and the restaurant has a good atmosphere. So, if you are looking for a pleasant experience then this restaurant is a recommendation. It can be a bit challenging to find but anyone who has managed to find their way to the Maison de la Photographie will be close by.


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