Marrakech: Restoration Announced

The King has been in Marrakech all week (December 2016) and has been performing a number of public functions. One big announcement was the next phase of the Marrakech restoration. The King undertook a tour of a number of the recently restored sites and announced the next sites to receive funding for restoration. We are delighted that the mosque and the Medersa of Ben Yousef are amongst the sites announced as these are truly delightful buildings and the Medersa is a great representation of the past, present, and now the future. Other sites included the Ben Yousef to Jamaâ El Fna route and a large number of Foundouks.

We understand that there will also be some restoration to the main square; Jamaâ El Fna and the total sum is expected to cost around 27 million dirhams.

The King is passionate about the preservation of the history of Marrakech and of Morocco and this is being regarded as a big confidence boost to the cities role in the future of tourism.

(Picture courtesy of mapnews)

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