The Atlas Mountains

We recently re-visited the Atlas mountains. Living an urban life in Marrakech It is easy to forget the stunning beauty and the wide diversity that these mountains afford and we urge anyone considering a stay in Marrakech to stay an extra day so that they can include a tour of the mountains.

There are three different landscapes to the mountains. An arrid, dry dusty almost martian landsacpe, planted land of walnut, apple and cherry trees, and a landscape of lush vegitation. Each are equally stunning and a day trip will expose the visitor to each of these landscapes.

A couple of weeks ago the first snows also fell on the Atlas so the Autumn visitor is now rewarded with a landscape that is in sharp contrast to the snow capped mountains in the background.

It is also possible to book a lunch table at one of the many hotels or guest houses that appear in some of the villages.

The best way to see the Atlas is to undertake a short walking tour where your guide will take you to those villages or vistas that are hard to reach by road but for those travellers not feeling able to walk a bespoke tour in a 4x4 can be equally rewarding.

Highly recommended.


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