Chabi Chic: Interior Design

We have recently discovered Chabi Chic. It is a great boutique collection of homeware. It was created by Nadia and Vanessasia who are no strangers to Morocco.

The Chabi Chic collection is handmade and includes mugs, cups, teapots, bowls and tajines in ceramic but also sourced kitchen utensils in olive wood. The majority of the items are made sepcifically for the brand in Safi but a number of objects have also been expertly sourced to bring the best of Moroccan design under a single collection.

The other feature of their ceramic wear is that It is fairly resistant to actually being used which means fewer chips than normal, and it is also dishwasher and microwave safe. They have used lead-free paint and enamel.

Chabi Chic now have four outlets that we are aware of in Marrakech and three are within walking distance of the Riad. Whilst I welcome their success and wish them well I hope they don't expand further as it is nice to discover something truely unique and of excellent quality. We are so impressed with the brand that we have started to use their home goods in our Riad.

Well worthy of a visit.

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