Moroccan Ceilings

Moroccan interiors are full of architectural features. They successfully fuse colours and design that would look out of place in many other settings. It really is a kaleidoscope of design.

Often, it is the ceilings that offer the best platform for this design. Traditionally, Riad ceilings are high giving a real sense of grandeur and they are frequently the most elaborate element of the room. Some ceilings feature carved cedar wood and this is frequently left unpainted but stained to help preservation and to highlight the beauty of the wood. Or alternatively the wood can be hand painted.

The design is usually geometric supported with flower shaped motifs and various design shapes will be highlighted in gold. Attention to detail is essential as the room with the elaborate ceiling would often be the room for eating, sleeping and socialising. A multifunction room.

At Riad Al-Bushra we reinstalled the hand painted ceiling in one of the downstairs room. This took a team of three men several weeks of fine brush painting. One craftsman took the lead and orchestrated the whole design whilst the other two assisted with the adding of colour and highlights. The result is a traditional, beautiful, rewarding ceiling.

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