Starbucks Arrives in Marrakech

Starbucks has finally opened. It is located in the new Carré Eden Centre in Gueliz and for those that are worried about the big brands spoiling the Medina it is about 25 minutes away on foot.

However, Starbucks is not alone. A load of stores have joined Starbucks in the new centre including Lacoste, Gant, Moroccan Touch and Addidas.

We have been watching this large development over a number of years. It seems to have taken an extraordinarily long time to complete. But now it's finally here it makes a welcome addition to the main street as it is architecturally interesting and brings a range of street cafes off the main side walk,

I have mixed feelings about the arrival of the big chains but as they can not survive on tourist money alone I guess the local residents will truly decide their fate. We wait and see if these brands survive. Meanwhile the centre brings employment and choice. Marrakech has been a city in transition for a number of years and this is a real visual representation of that journey.


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