Cafe Clock Arrives in Marrakech

We are very careful about recommendations for our clients and where possible we ensure that we have tested them out for ourselves first. We also do not accept any commission for making the recommendation. This ensures we stay honest to quality and experience.

We first found Cafe Clock in Fez. It's an oasis in a busy Medina that offers excellent food in a traditional environment. When we heard that the owner, Mike Richards, was considering a second Cafe Clock in Marrakech we were excited at the prospect and got to try it out this weekend.

The Marrakech branch opened a couple of weeks ago at 224 Derb Chtouka, Kasbah, Marrakech Medina. Via either Bab Laksiba or Bab Agnaou. Mike offers something truly different in Marrakech. Over the past few years the city has developed a more contemporary interpretation of Moroccan art and culture. Most visitors miss this on their first trip as the emphasis is to focus on the traditional and drink or dine in traditional surroundings. Mike has embraced the contemporary Morocco and has transformed this Medina property into a hip urban venue that gives a hint of the new cultural scene but also embracing the traditional. For example, the entertainment includes traditional story telling with contemporary furnishings in an old property. It works, its different, and it's exciting.

However, it is more than a cultural destination. It offers great food. The menu features the popular camel burger that is popular in the Fez version of Cafe Clock and there is a full range of high quality fusion food. I had a fabulous fig salad. It is also possibly the only place in Marrakech that serves an apple crumble. Pure indulgence and a welcome change from oranges and cinnamon (Traditional Moroccan cuisine doesn't really embrace pudding like English cuisine).

It is easy to find and anyone visiting the ancient tombs in the Kasbah should walk the extra couple of minutes and give it a try. The staff speak a variety of languages, including English and are very attentive. They want Cafe Clock to be a success; and so do we.

Good luck to everyone involved. We will be back for more.

At the time of writing this Cafe Clock is closed Monday and Tuesday so check Facebook Page (link below) for any new opening times.

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