Buddha Bar Coming to Marrakech

Buddha Bar is finally coming to Marrakech. The giant Albatross hotel and gardens have been demolished and a new mall called the Menara Mall is about to be constructed on the site. According to the signage Buddha-Bar is coming to the new Menara Mall. There is very little information available and no opening date is advertised.

However, the Buddha-Bar is a welcome addition to the existing "chill-out" bars. For many, Marrakech has always felt a comfortable setting for a Buddha-Bar restaurant and lounge and we have had to wait a long time for the venue to arrive in the city.

This maybe because there are a number of high profile venues already in the city. Probably the most famous is the Comptoir Lounge and Bar. This was opened by Marcel Chiche approximately 12 years ago and is a fairly traditional affair with decent food and belly dancers.

Then there is DJellabar. This could be the reason Buddha Bar has taken so long to arrive in the city. Claude Challe, who was the original founder of Buddha Bar, is already represented within the city. Together with Stephane Atlas he has created DJellabar and has fused, music, art and food into a former wedding venue. DJellabar fuses Morocco, arabesque with a modern twist. DJellabar is featured within the Morocco Best Restaurant Guide.

There are of course a number of other alternatives and something to suit all sizes of budget. But Marrakech is of course one big chill out zone.

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