Maghrib in marrakech

Maghreb is the name given to the first call to prayer (or the fourth if counting from daybreak)

All across Marrakech the mosques come alive to the sound of the prayer. As you stand on the roof tops you can hear the sound pass across the city as the mosques start the call one by one.

The official start time is debated but essentially the first prayer of the day starts in the evening just after sunset. The sky must have darkened and in Marrakech this seems to be at about 5 minutes after sunset. The time is of course marked by the mosque broadcasting the call.

The prayer asks for Salah to be performed. This is the term given to formal worship and there are a number of elements to Salah but this can only be performed after ritual ablution.

The end of Maghreb is usually determined by roughly the length of time it takes to respond to the call, wash and prey,

However, not everyone agrees that Maghreb is the first prayer of the day. But in Islam the night time comes before the day time (for example Ramadam starts at sunset) so some people hold the Maghreb as the start of the new day whilst others regard it as the start of the night time. It is a discussion point but the practices associated with Maghreb are the same.

The sound is one of the beautiful sensory experiences of being in Marrakech.

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