Christmas & New Year in Marrakech

Christmas and New Year are interesting times in Marrakech. There is truly very little sign of Christmas and it is of course an ordinary working day. Stalls and markets are all open as normal.

Occasionally there is a small sign of Christmas but this will always be in the form of a Christmas decoration (such as a Christmas tree) rather than religious symbols. Having said this there are actually very very few Christmas trees. I saw one for sale in the supermarket for approximately £70 and it was about 5 feet tall. The sort that loses its needles the second you get it home..! A few of the larger corporate stores and restaurants have managed to obtain specimen trees and have decorated them very creatively. The Grand Cafe de la Poste had real Lilly flowers which looked like snow. All in all, Marrakech is a real get-a-way from Christmas.

New Year is a little different. Whilst not strictly New Year here in Morocco the people do like to join in on the party. Alcohol is more widely available and it is possible to have a great meal and a good party. No Fireworks though.

New Year's day is another normal working day but many of the visitors are enjoying the opportunity to experience the spas and the various relaxing therapies available. Our current guests have all enjoyed a massage in the Riad and are looking forward to the New Year feast later in the day.

A great place for New Year and Christmas.

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