Atlas Mountains, marrakech

The Atlas mountains are simply stunning. They are one of the reasons we chose to purchase a property in Marrakech.

To the south of the city lie the greatest part of the Atlas mountains; the High Atlas and within them lies the tallest of all the range. Mount Jbel Toubkal is situated in the Toubkal National Park. It is 13,671 feet high and lies just less than 65k outside Marrakech.

At this time of year the mountains are covered in snow and are a majestic sight as they rise out of the dessert landscape. A very strange sight indeed. Jbel Toubkal and the neighbouring mountains play a large role in the climate of Marrakech. The Atlas help mark the European weather system and the Sahara system and the range helps to keep the Sahara furnace away from the city.

Among the range is a network of rivers that provide Marrakech with its water supply and these give rise to fertile valleys within the range that provide an essential source for the Berber populations that live in the Atlas.

In winter the snow provides Marrakech with a winter ski resort called Oukaïmden (also within the Toubkal National Park) and in the summer the Atlas provides great trekking for all levels of fitness.

Or alternatively the Atlas provide a lovely view whilst relaxing in the city. Especially with a glass of Moroccan Rose Wine.

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