Les Sens de Marrakech

Les Sens de Marrakech is the premier spa/cosmetic range of products from Morocco.

In 2001 Céline Musquar moved her home from France to Morocco and opened one of the Medina's first quality spas, Les Bains de Marrakech, in the Kasbah area of the Medina.

Frustrated with the local spa products that were available Céline decided to create her own brand, Les Sens de Marrakech, which would combine French quality standards with the local produce from the Marrakech area.

The core resource is argan oil. However other natural products such as jasmine, verbena, and orange also take centre stage within the range. Céline has maintained traditional methods within the creation of the products by keeping the research and development locally in Marrakech. Consultants from Grasse (the French area famous for the production of perfume) are involved but everything is produced by hand locally, for example, the Argan is all sourced directly from women's cooperatives.

In a short space of time Les Sens de Marrakech has earned its place as the top spa/cosmetic brand in Morocco. It is similar is status to Molton Brown and has a similar luxurious but simple feel. Whilst difficult to locate in the United Kingdom the brand is now known internationally for its quality in a number of countries such as France, Italy, the United Emirates.

At Riad Al-Bushra we have made every effort to ensure that visitors receive the very best experiences that Marrakech has to offer. We are very proud to provide Les Sens de Marrakech for our guests and hope you agree that the hard work Céline has put into the research and production has paid off.

For guests wishing to experience Les Bains de Marrakech we are able to make reservations on customers behalf.

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