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One of the great attractions to Morocco is the weather. The geography of the country means it is rarely the same right across the country. In fact some crops have several seasons due to the weather. But one thing is almost guaranteed; sunshine.

This year the sun has over delivered on its promise. Morocco recorded its highest temperature in 2012 at 49.4 degrees. In Marrakech, the local Banque Populaire have signature signs with thermometers outside each branch and there were many days in August that recorded the high 40s. This has been Morocco's hottest and driest summer.

However, this week we have seen some torrential rain over several days. This is also unusual as Marrakech only receives approximately 30 days rain per year. Almost a guarantee of sunshine. The rain makes Medina life more challenging and it also takes its toll on many of the ancient properties. Those walls of Riads that are particularly ancient and have not been restored can fall victim to such conditions.

Fortunately today has seen a return to normality with temperatures reaching seasonal normality of 28 degrees.

We believe tomorrow sees the start of a series of days over 30 degrees. These temperatures make Marrakech an extremely attractive place to visit in the Autumn.

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