Magnificent Lighting in Marrakech

Today, with 9 days until we open, we have been installing the last set of hand made lights into our Ahmar suite. The image below is of the smaller of three brass lights in the suite.

Morocco is well known for its lighting. Large and small lanterns are familiar right throughout Europe due to Morocco's export trade. However, it is only when in Morocco that the extensive range on offer becomes apparent. There are simple designs costing a few pounds to sophisticated pieces of art costing thousands of pounds.

At the higher end of the market in Gueliz there is the famous "Yahya Design". Yahya has been able to capture Moroccan design within a variety of styles. He produces spectacular lighting that is only sold when it meets his exceptional standard of quality assurance. Yahya is undoubtedly amongst the best in Marrakech, if not the world, but there are a range of alternatives by other designers who are slightly less well known.

Our lighting is one of our main features. We have thought hard about the lighting and it has all been designed and planned. Some cast beautiful shaddows on ceilings and walls whilst others have been designed to light the decorative ceilings. We hope you enjoy them. The lighting, with the exception of some feature spot lighting in the courtyard is hand made. The vast majority of the pieces are made in Marrakech specifically for the rooms where they have been installed. We also have a couple of lights from other Islamic cultures and a couple of Italian feature pieces that blend beautifully; as inspired by the Spanish designer Mariano Fortuny who fused Islamic design with Venetian style.

We have several sources in Marrakech for our lights. Mustapha Blaoui is well known in Morocco and he has an Alladin's cave of a shop. He is difficult to find as his store is unmarked and it requires an assertive soul to push the closed door open and walk in. We are happy to show you where his store is if you are interested in local crafts and once inside you will be warmly welcomed. As well as Blaoui we also bought from two local stores. The one is at the entrance of our Derb. You can't miss the store on your way to our Riad and the owners speak excellent English, they are delightful to do business with and if they don't have what you want they can make it especially for you.

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