Fabrics in Marrakech

With ten days to go until we open we are also working on the soft furnishings for the Riad.

Marrakech has a wealth of fabrics available in the Souks of the Medina and in the shops of Gueliz. Fabric is important in Morocco both for soft furnishings and for clothing as many items are still hand made or upholstered locally. Consequently, there is a real mix of designs to suit all styles, taste and price. The fabrics available across the city include hand made Berber fabrics, Moroccan factory produced fabrics, and some imported fabrics. The big design names are also here such as The Designers Guild and Jab but the import duty make these fabrics an upmarket option and out of reach for most people.

We have tried to remain faithful to the Moroccan style by restricting our fabric choice to fabrics that are exclusive to Morocco. There is the odd excepti

on where colour matching required the use of an imported European fabric but these are very minimal.

We have used extensively the Casablanca based company "Madurel". This company provides high quality fabrics that are exclusive to their design house and are not available outside of Morocco. The designs capture the way Morocco uses colour by fusing colours that are unusual to the British style. Used in conjunction with Moroccan furniture and Moroccan design they work beautifully in their environment. For anyone interested in looking at their impressive range, which changes seasonally, we can escort you to their Marrakech branch in Gueliz.

To provide a contrast we have also used traditional Berber fabrics on the roof terrace. These are ideal as they offer a hard wearing choice and can better manage the heat of summer and the desert sand. They are traditionally the colours that are associated with Marrakech with red featuring heavily in the design that is often a stripe. We have sourced these locally and for any guest interested in Berber fabrics the souk store is less than a 2 minute walk from the Riad.

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