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The restoration

Riad Al-Bushra probably dates back to the sixteenth century and over time has been adapted and modified many times to reflect the changing times and to rectify the damage caused by the elements.  


The riad has seen two renovations over the last ten years.  The previous owners undertook some structural changes to ensure the original walls would stand for another five hundred years and in 2011-2012 the current owners underook a further renovation to re-install some of the hand crafted features that have been revived with the medina's UNESCO listing and restoration.


There is no end to the embelishment of these beautiful properties and every year we close for a period to ensure we can repair, update, or install another feature.  We now have a regular and reliable team of artisans and craftsmen who advise, source and install good quality work.


In addition, we try to ensure the supportive crafts, such as fabrics and furnishings, are of the same high quality and are regularly updated to esnure we stay current, fresh, and appealing.